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chronological resume examples
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Are you using chronological resume examples and templates, but don’t know if they work for you or not? If so, you have come to the right post to highlight what you have to offer the company you are applying for by knowing of the key things to include in your chronological resume format. Check out this guide and discover.

Chronological Resume Example

example of a chronological resume onlineThis type of resume is the simplest to do and to write among other resume formats 2019. It is the most used format for many job applicants. It works for most industries, especially among people who have the experience to show and express in their resume. One unique characteristic of this format is that it has a list of the most relevant jobs handled, but these have something to do with the recent application.

Chronological Resume Example Tips

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example of a chronological resume 2017Based on an example of a chronological resume, this format has to include your work history, starting from the newest to the oldest, listing your most recent positions, including dates and company names, and then moving backwards. You don’t need to list all the work experiences you had, especially those not related to the industry of the company you are applying. What you need to do is to select only the most relevant ones, but these don’t have to include all if you have 10 jobs handled. Remember, your resume only has to be at one to two pages in length only.

Chronological Resume Example Formatting

  • Personal details must include your complete name, mailing address, fax or telephone number, mobile number and email address
  • Objective section is where to put your career goals and what you are seeking for in the position
  • Career summary is the part where to list your main competencies, referring to your key accomplishments and achievements in the area; however, this should not be over six lines of text. It can be in bullet or a paragraph form.
  • Work experience from the most recent to the least recent
  • Education highlights your academic background
  • Additional information

If you are looking for a serious position, these federal resume examples might come in handy!

There you have the tips to remember when writing your resume based on an example of a chronological resume. Follow and apply them to create a strong resume today!

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Top 5 CV Mistakes

You know that your CV is your only chance of getting the interest and the attention of your employer. It will allow you to get the job that you have always wanted. It is important that you do your CV exactly right.

If you would talk to recruiters, they would say that a lot of people who seems to have a lot of potential are not given another chance just because of the mistakes they have done with their CVs. You do not want to experience this so make sure that you will not make any of these 5 silly mistakes.

  1. Hiding information needed by the employer. You may be too enthusiastic about the job that you like to place all of the details that you feel will make you more relevant for the job that you are hoping to have. Yet, there are also some details that you would rather hide. You need to be honest. If you want to downplay some of the things you are not proud of, perhaps you have to think about your CV’s design.
  2. Making Your CV Too Vague. There are times when you will use some phrases that are considered to be vague in CV standards. For example, if you would say, “I have handled numerous projects,” you will only leave the recruiter guessing just how many projects you have truly handled. Your recruiter might not assume the best and just place your CV on the reject pile even if you could have been a real candidate for the job.
  3. Lying. It is true that your CV should be a reflection of your positive self. It should showcase your best points but not to the point that you are going to lie about everything. You need to say the truth about your hard earned successes and not fabricate stories that when checked, will not prove to be true.
  4. Making Your CV Too Long. Some people assume that making their CV long and similar to a novel will help them get noticed. They do get noticed but only for a few seconds before their CVs are rejected. One candidate even made a 7 page cover letter and a 4 page resume. This did not sit well with the recruiter who just took one look at the papers he had to check before throwing the CV away. Remember that recruiters are busy people and they only want to spend a few minutes browsing on people’s CVs.
  5. Poor Spelling and Grammar. It is understood that English may not be your first language so you will have a bit of trouble expressing yourself in English but it can be bad if you do not check the spelling of the words that you use when in fact, you are already using a tool that can spell check for you. If you are not confident about the CV you have created, ask someone else to proofread it for you.

There are still other possible mistakes that can be made when it comes to creating CVs but the ones mentioned above are the most common.

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