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In the world that we live in right now, people are expected to make mistakes. Mistakes are said to make people stronger and more mature. Some of these mistakes happen when people least expect them to. Yet, some people make mistakes without realizing that they have completely blown their chance.Take a look at the CV that you have sent to various companies by far. Did you double check it? Did you hone it to the best of your abilities? If you want to be on the winning edge in job applications, make sure that every section in your resume is fit and tailored to specific job posting. In the process, you can highlight that you are indeed the right applicant that they are looking for. One of the best ways on how to optimize your resume is by writing a strong summary statement that you can based on the tips from the best CV summary examples highlighted below

Resume Career Summary Examples

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  • Catch the eyes of your reader by making your summary statement a standout. Make it short but concise towards meeting the needs of the requirements of the employer as stated in the job advertisement. You can make use of strong words and buzzwords that can highlight your familiarity with the position as well as your knowledge on how to make yourself successful in case you have been chosen to take on the job.
  • You don’t need to write all your accomplishments in the summary, but only the most relevant and useful ones as in the best CV examples 2019. This is to ensure that you are providing the information that the employer wants to find at a glance and avoiding him from having difficulty in fishing information from your resume.
  • When writing your summary based on summary for resume examples, be able to give the reader a clear understanding of your most important assets, including your accomplishments and qualifications.

Formatting Tips from Resume Career Summary Examples

  • It must contain a title, alongside a couple of lines of text. You can use either a paragraph or a bullet list.
  • This section must appear just right below your contact section.
  • The title must be something that can communicate your professional identity clearly, as it serves as the headline to catch the attention of the reader, making him see that you fit the position offered. (e.g. Brand Strategist, Global Operations Executive)
  • The format is composed of three to four lines of text, and it should not be in the first person perspective.

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These are tips to learn from resume career summary examples that you have to remember to make this section work and for it to complement your application. Finally, learn more tips and tricks on how to make this section standout to support your entire application.

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CV Mistakes People Have Committed

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Here are some of the most common mistakes ever made:

  1. Leaving Out Important Information. Do you know that there are some people who have sent out CVs without putting their name? Some had the liberty to place their nickname but of course they cannot be contacted anymore no matter how good their CV seemed.
  2. Making the CV Too Cluttered. There are different reasons why the CV may become cluttered. The first reason is not separating the different parts of the CV into paragraphs. This will make the text too overwhelming and most recruiters will not bother reading the text anymore. Some people tend to place too many pictures of themselves on their CV even though it is not required.
  3. Placing Incorrect Information. Some people do this by mistake probably because they are rushing or because they did not check their personal information but some people do this because they think it will be cool. It will not be cool when the company tries to contact the person but he/she is not available.
  4. Printing the CV in a Different Color. It is not an excuse that the printer ran out of black ink. It is still a requirement that the CV will be printed in black. Some people probably thought that printing the CV in pink or in purple can increase their chances of getting hired. It doesn’t so do not do it.

If you are interested in finding a job at the soonest possible time, it is best that you will avoid these different CV mistakes.

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