Executive Resume Examples 2019

An executive resume is your key to win or lose the job application. Without even saying, you can help yourself and make your application shine if you would optimize your application towards the demands and needs of the employer in the job posting. Check out this guide and see tips from executive resume examples on how to write an impressive application.

Executive Resume Examples 2019

Tips from Examples of Executive Resumes

  • Formatting.
  • Personal and contact details is the section to write your name, address, email address, telephone or mobile number and fax number
  • Objective statement is optional but it can also work, ideally for newbie who wants to express his career goals on reasons he is pursuing the job
  • Career summary is where to list your core competencies, talking about your accomplishments made and the numbers to prove such. Do not just tell but show the proof that you indeed achieved those key achievements you have had.
  • Work experience is listing the jobs handled, but never only about describing the duties one handled. This has to be the accomplishments one has had from the previous positions handled.
  • Education section is the part where the academic background is listed. It should include the names of the schools, degrees earned and GPA. It can also include additional or relevant trainings, certifications and licenses, whichever apply.
  • Skills section is where to write down the job skills you think are most needed to become effective in the position, according to examples of executive resumes.
  • Accomplishments and awards can include key achievements you have had in the industry. This does not have to list all but only up to five of them to make your resume concise as possible.

If you’ve got little experience, you can always use our entry level resume examples instead!

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Additional Tips from Examples of Executive Resumes

  • Don’t include the reference section.
  • Keep your resume up to two pages long only.
  • Choose a professional font, such as Arial, Times New Roman or Calibri

Follow these tips in writing your resume based on examples of executive resumes and cover letter examples 2019. Check these out and apply them into your writing to increase your chances to being interviewed now!

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Worst Mistakes You Can Make on Your CV

When you are searching for work, your CV is your best weapon. You can use it in order to increase your chances of being hired. If you make a mistake, then the recruiter will not give your CV a second glance. It will be part of the ever growing reject pile that most recruiters have on their desks.

If you would like to make it an effective weapon to let you be hired for the job that you have always wanted to have, you can always keep your resume polished. You can double check it for some errors and once you are sure that you have done everything that you need, you can send it.

Here are some of the mistakes that you need to avoid doing:

  • Sending the same resume to different companies. It is okay if you would send your CV to different companies one at a time but if you would mass mail it then recruiters will know that you are not particularly interested in the job that they are offering. You just want to become hired. You just want to have a job. Your lack of interest will decrease your chances of getting chosen.
  • Ignoring the important keywords you need to place on your resume. Your resume will be scanned in a fast manner by a pair of eyes that will decipher if your CV is worth checking out or not. Without the noticeable keywords that can let the recruiter take a look at your CV in a more in depth manner, you already know that you do not stand a chance. Remember that the keywords you are going to place will depend on the field of the job that you are applying for.
  • Placing too many words on your CV. It can be weird for some recruiters when they see that you have written descriptions that are very vague but it can be even harder if you would place too many words on your CV. As much as you can make possible, try to balance out the two. Be specific but do not place too many adjectives that can distract the recruiter.

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These are just a few of the mistakes that you can make with your CV. Do you think that you will be able to avoid them easily?

Don’t forget to check your CV against our executive resume examples well in advance!