How Your Job Search Looks Like in 2019

Are you interested to know how a typical job seeker spends his time in 2019? What websites can be used in looking for a job? Finally, are you interested to learn of a couple of tips on how to succeed in your job search? Check out the following.


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How a Typical Job Seeker Spend His Time

  • Searching for positions online 29.94%
  • Applying to positions 27.28%
  • Networking 24.11%
  • Researching companies 12.89%
  • Working with a recruiter 5.56%

Best Job Websites for 2019

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  • Company career sites
  • Job boards
  • Newspaper classifieds
  • Associations

  • Job listings
  • Resume posting
  • Career advice
  • Resources to job seekers

  • Job listings
  • Company-specific salary reports
  • Ratings and reviews

  • Contacts in fields
  • Identify target organizations

  • Search for jobs
  • Identify contacts at employers
  • Follow companies of interest

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Job Application Trends and Changes You Need to Know

  1. Both offline and online tools will be used by employers to hunt and screen candidates. Applicants are using these tools as well in engaging with and navigating to organizations.
  2. Mobile devices are being used by job seekers in searching for jobs. While the job trend has already emerged, it will keep on growing in the coming years.
  3. Younger job hunters are comfortable with online and video representation.
  4. Six seconds is now the reported norm for reviewing resumes; thus, it will be a great idea to tailor-fit your resume for a job for a chance to shine.
  5. Resumes will now include links to social media, video bios and works.
  6. LinkedIn resumes are complement to the resume. If you want your LinkedIn profile to stand out, it has to be more personal and engaging.

Write a Resume That Works

For the best application results, customize your resume based on the company you are applying at and do not send a generic one. Also, you may want to check out examples of great resumes online for an idea on how to construct a good one.

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