Medical Resume Examples 2019

Medical resume examples are what to help you get started in your resume, as they’re specifically designed and created for people in the medical industry. So without even saying, they are what to use if you want impressive results in your job application. Read the following, as we’ve listed the most important tips found on these excellent medical resume examples.

2019 Resume Examples and Tips for the Medical Professional

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  • Based on the best 2019 resumes examples, you don’t have to make your resume too long; in fact, you can make a bigger impact if you used only specific and clear language in the resume.
  • Highlight your medical skills, which you think are most related to the recent application. To do it right, go over the job advertisement again and then find related and required skills and qualifications required by the hiring manager.
  • Use medical keywords and buzzwords, depending on your industry, according to examples of medical resumes. Using these words can communicate that you are familiar and knowledgeable in the field where you are applying. Therefore, outline your resume properly and list down specific keywords, typically action words that describe your knowledge and skills for the position. That being said, you have to understand different words should be use in technical resume examples.
  • Choose your work experiences to include. Add in your job history, but you don’t have to list every job you handled. This will just take up much needed space and weaken your application. List only the most significant ones to highlight your experience in the medical field you are applying. Speaking of work history, start in the reverse chronological order, meaning list most recent going backwards.
  • Ditch the objective section and replace it with your career highlights or summary. This is a section where to draw emphasis on the best accomplishments you have had in the field so far and may also include those best skills you have needed for this specific posting.
  • List your certifications, awards and nominations, trainings and license along with the license number and expiration date and other things like that.

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These are the best tips from examples of medical resumes to reveal you are appropriate for this job posting. Optimize your CV or resume for the job and increase your chances to shine above the rest.

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A Few Medical CV Mistakes

There are a lot of people who would like to work in the medical field but not all are blessed and given a chance to do so because they need to be highly qualified for the jobs they are applying for. People cannot become doctors without having a medical degree, right?

There are some people who have reached the required education and may actually have the skills to be noticed but their CVs are rejected because of the mistakes that they were not able to fix before they submitted their resumés. Here are a few of the funniest medical CV mistakes that people made

  • “Personal Interests: Donating blood:14 gallons so far.” This person probably thought that donating blood can give him/her an edge over his/her competitors. Perhaps this person has donated far more gallons now than before.
  • “Failed bar exam with relatively high grades.” Failing the bar exam means that the person has failed. Period.
  • “I am relatively intelligent, obedient, and as loyal as a puppy.” Remember that different companies and clients would like to hire people and not animals. Being loyal as a puppy may be too much of a good thing.
  • “Have repeated courses repeatedly.” It is normal that people will sometimes fail some courses but stating this on your CV will not really give you an edge over all the other applicants who probably passed the same courses with flying colors.
  • “I’ve got a PhD in human feelings.” Of course, everyone can become an expert in various field but there is no PhD on human feelings. Probably a masteral degree will be possible? Or not.

There are still a lot of mistakes that people have placed in their CVs. Do not make the same mistake. Rather, try your best to perfect your resumé before you send it to any company.

Use our medical resume examples in order to excel!