Military Resume Examples 2019

If you’re looking to become a part of the air force or infantry division, or another military department, then the first step of your application is writing your military resume. To get started, check out the following tips from military resume examples 2019 to use.

military resume examples 2019

Example of Military Resume Tips

  • Read the job announcement and based your resume from it. Check out important words mentioned in the posting so that you can create a resume that meets those demands.
  • Tailor your resume based on the type of military position you are applying for by showing you have the familiarity and the knowledge required to make you an effective military personnel.
  • Use buzzwords but don’t use jargons that don’t add value to your application. They only ruin your chances, according to experts in writing military resume examples. On that note, also use resume keywords, which are something to find in the posting. Use these words in your resume skills and qualifications section.


Formatting Tips from Military Resume Examples

There are three types of military resumes examples based on format. And in this case, you will have to choose based on your skills and work experience level. When writing, pick from the following formats.

military resume example 2019

Example of Military Resume Formats

  • Reverse chronological format applies to military people who have solid work experience in the military. This applies to those with continued years of work, which makes the format the best to use in order to show these main highlights when it comes to writing the military resume. Don’t list all your military work experiences, but only those that have to do with this recent application.
  • Functional format applies to job seekers who have been changing careers. For example, this may be for you if you are transitioning from civilian to military jobs. It also works if you had at least one termination in your career. Finally, this is the one to choose if you don’t have solid years of work experience to show. Review functional resume examples if you can’t get proper understanding of its usage
  • Finally, based on recent example of military resume, you can use the combined format that draws attention to both the attributes found in the previous formats.

Follow and apply the example of military resume tips and tricks so that you can customize your application towards the requirements of the employer. Proofread and edit your paper for the best results.

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Placing Misleading Information on Your CV

When it comes to making your very own CV, exerting a lot of effort into it is an understatement. You may look at the different CV samples available online and decide which ones you feel can be used for your own CV. You may even mix and match a few of the CVs you have seen to ensure that you will get noticed.

How far will you go to let your CV become noticed by the company you are applying for? Some people actually formulate stories and even place things that are not true on their CVs so they can get reach the next step which is to get an interview.

Some of the most common misleading information that can be placed on CVs are the following:

  • Fake educational attainments
  • Placing some online degrees that are not authentic
  • Inaccurate dates that are meant to cover up some unexplained gaps in being employed
  • Fake and untrue job titles. For example you may say that you are a branch manager when you were actually an assistant.
  • Career accomplishments that never happened at all
  • Increased salary rate in the hopes that the salary with the new job will also be higher than the previous one
  • Evident lies that have no basis at all.

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When you place information that are not true, these details are checked by companies. There are a lot of background checking that will take place and the moment they see that the details you have placed are not true, you will not be considered for the job anymore. Word about your blatant lies will also spread with other companies. This will make it harder for you to get a job later on.

Even if you are tempted to do it, do not push through with it. It will only backfire later on.

Use our military resume examples to impress your potential employer!