Professional Resume Example 2019

A professional resume example is your perfect guide to applying for a job because it’s targeted based on the needs and demands per industry. On that note, it is so important to know about all of the helpful tips and tricks in writing your perfect paper or to receive a guaranteed CV help UK and choose a template that best suits or applies to your category so that you can ensure your professional resume will work for your favor. For general tips in writing the professional CV and executive resume examples, see this guide.

Professional Resumes Examples Tips

  • Based on professional resumes examples, customize your CV on the job posting. To do it, go back to the advertisement and read it carefully. What are the qualifications or requirements stated by the hiring manager? Begin your resume by taking down notes on the key terms used in the advertisement, and from that, start outlining and thinking of what details to include in your CV.
  • Have the right sections, including your resume headline, summary, and subheadings (work experience, education section, and skills section). Make sure they contain only the most important details and not everything you can think of. For instance in the work section, you can include only the most significant work experiences and not everything.
  • Make sure that you use industry-related terms in your resume. You can do it by going back to the advertisement and using the key skills terms used if you also have those skills. However, don’t be tempted to impress the reader by using highfaluting words and jargons.
  • Use the right format in the professional resume. For instance, you may want to highlight your work experience with a reverse chronological format, or you may use the functional format if you have the skills but not the solid work experience. To highlight both these properties, use the combined format.
  • Choose a professional layout. One of the most used today is the two-column resume, which makes use of the left side for the titles of each section and the right side for the appropriate content per section. This will help you reveal your organizational skills, which every employer is looking for in applicants.
  • Proofread and edit your resume. Don’t let even the slightest mistakes ruin your chance, so read and edit it a couple of times and check your CV against our professional resume example 2019.

Follow and apply these tips from executive resume examples of professional resumes online. Meet the needs of the hiring manager by using a customized professional layout, format and content.

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High Ranking Words to Add on Your CV

Do you think that at your age you would like to have a new job? Perhaps you are applying for a new promotion. Your chances can be high depending on your job performance so far but you still need to submit a CV that will highlight the reasons why you need to be chosen for the job.

Whenever recruiters take a look at your resume, they only take a few seconds before deciding whether you are worth considering or not. In order to let your CV land at the “for interview” pile, you can add some words to your CV that will make it more appealing to the recruiter. Of course, the interview is a whole new different story. For now, let us focus on some words that will help you score points:

  • Creative. When you use the word creative, you are showing that you are able to do different tasks without actually showing off. Creativity nowadays can be used for a lot of tasks. It can be used to solve problems and being creative also means that you can think of a wide range of ideas that can be helpful for the company.
  • Dependable. The company that is going to hire applicants need people that they can depend on in order to make the company bigger, better and more successful. It is a good thing that this word will not be hard to add in some of the sentences that you are going to use for your CV.
  • Honest. This is one of the words that you have to use in order to describe yourself. One of the worst things that companies experience is being lied on and duped by their very own employees. You can show that you are not that sort by adding this word in your CV.

There are still a lot of words that you can place that will make the recruiter take notice. For example, you may want to place innovative, motivated and organized just to name a few. Can you still think of other words that need to be placed on your CV now?

So whenever you feel uninspired, use our professional resume example!