Resume Format 2019: Going on a Job Searching Quest in 2019

When it comes to using the most successful resume format 2019 needs you to make a few changes here and there. Get to grips with the latest trends and learn what your resume ought to look like, and don’t forget to learn what to avoid doing as well. Use the latest tips from expert insiders to keep your resume up to date and get that high paying, top job you’ve always wanted. Whether you need some pointers or just a bit of reassurance, there’s plenty of information here concerning job search 2019.

Learn Which Resume Trends 2019 Brings

The jobs market is constantly changing and this year is no different. Different concepts and ideas take off in popularity quickly and without much warning if you don’t know what you’re looking for. When it comes to resume trends 2019 is simply jam-packed with new ways of doing the same old tasks. Make sure your understand how to use the most popular formats in your chosen field to impress your prospective employers with your diligence and awareness.

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Even if you’re satisfied in your current job, you would be well advised to keep your resume up to date. One of the most recent ways of doing this without resorting to writing and rewriting this important document is to leverage the power of social media. You’ll see a little later on in this article how you can use platforms like LinkedIn to display your resume online for all to see.

Your resume should focus on the results of your work rather than just being a list of your duties and responsibilities. To this end, make sure you talk about how you improved your company’s outlook and how you made important changes within your workplace to better it for everyone. The reason for this is that you can quite easily show how you’re a valuable asset if you explain the end-result as being your responsibility. Show your prospective employer that you’ll do far more than turn up, punch in, go through the motions and then go home.

Being up-to-date is about more than just making sure you’re keeping in line with the latest practices. It shows that you’re able to analyze a situation, adapt to changing circumstances and evolve your behavior to meet new challenges head on. This will help you make the perfect first impression.

We chose 3 of the most popular resume formats – reverse chronological, functional and chronological – and compared their popularity aound the world for the past year. Here is the result:

The Significance of Keywords

One of the main differences between this year and previous years is that the use of machine-based applicant tracking systems is extremely widespread and being used by more and more employers as the days go by. Perhaps the most important resume tips 2019 requires you take note of have to do with the use of keywords.

Resume scanning software cannot think for itself, so you need to include all the specific words that it had been programmed to look for if you want to pass this stage of the application process and get your resume looked at by human eyes. If you take onboard any of the resume tips 2019 requires of you, make keywords your number one priority. As a result of the unthinking nature of machine-based applicant processing, make sure you don’t forget to include qualifications directly related to your industry rather than just describing the associated skills and abilities you possess. This kind of software cannot recognize that a certain skill set corresponds to your having a particular qualification so you absolutely must include its name and any associated acronyms.

Some keywords are more important than others and when you learn the best resume keywords 2019 will be a breeze when it comes to job hunting. Some keywords are vital to certain industry sectors whereas they are an absolute no-no in others. If you find out what your career niche thinks are the best resume keywords 2019 won’t pose a challenge at all.

list of best resume keywords 2017

Cosmetic Changes

For better or worse, the appearance of your resume is significantly important. Although you might have a document complete with all the best content, an unsightly resume will put off even the keenest employers. Ensure you learn what a resume should look like 2019 style before you put pen to paper.

The reverse chronological approach has been a mainstay of resume writing for many years and this year is no different. Sometimes a classic approach is best and this will certainly be the case if you have a full professional working history without any gaps you’d need to explain. Nowadays you can mix it up a little and include some more functional skills-related information so once you know what a resume should look like 2019 style, you can focus on including the most appropriate information from your professional life.

In the vast majority of cases, your resume should be a one-page document with plenty of white space. Most recruiters won’t look beyond the top third of the first page of any resume before they form their first impressions. So what should you do to catch the employer’s eye? You can’t find a perfect resume example that will be 100% successful but you most certainly can look through them and pick up the best tips and tricks. Here are some of them:

  • Make sure your document is well spaced out and doesn’t look crowded.
  • Employ a suitable font. As long as you avoid fonts with serifs, you should be absolutely fine.
  • Create a clean and eye-pleasing formatting.
  • Write a small resume summary that’ll grab the attention.
  • Add visualized information. Human mind processes images easier and quicker.
  • Come up with a catchy headline for resume.

Content Is King

Once you’re gotten past the tricky business of making your resume look the part, it’s time to work out all the the most important words to include in a resume aside from specific keywords. These include words like specific verbs to describes your activities and specific phrases to explain the positive effects of your behavior.

The first thing to consider when it comes to word choice is your use of verbs, also known as action words. Following alongside the idea of explaining the benefits you’ll provide your prospective employer, you need to demonstrate what you have accomplished in no uncertain terms. Make sure you use strong verbs and say things like “analyzed”, “produced” and “managed”.

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Another thing to bear in mind is that you should always use the present tense for your current job and the past tense for your previous positions. This sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised by how many people fail to make this distinction. It’s one of those little things that’ll get you noticed for the wrong reasons. Attention to detail is key and first impressions like these count for a lot.

When you know which words to include in a resume in order to make yourself appear confident and perfectly suited for the job at hand, you’ll find adapting your resume for different prospective employers as easy as pie.

It’s not all about ticking boxes for the various resume dos. There are probably just as many resume don’ts as there are resume dos. Read on to find out more about what not to include in a resume.

Know What to Avoid

People talk all day long about the various important things to include in a resume, but they often forget that there are plenty of things you need to avoid doing as well. Make sure you can easily differentiate the things to exclude from the things to include in a resume by learning and evading the resume don’ts below.

One of the things you should absolutely avoid is any hint of self-praise. You really don’t want to be blowing your own trumpet at this stage of the game. Instead, show your prospective employer what you have accomplished and how it was done, rather than just telling them.

Also, avoid using phrases and words like “hard worker”. This is a quality that should be a given. The very fact that you feel it necessary to include such a description as part of your own resume gives the impression that you don’t really know what you’re talking about.

words to avoid in a resume

When you’re writing a professional document like a resume, you should avoid the use of the first or second person pronouns like “I” and “we”. Although the use of strong action words is promoted, a resume should be written in a slightly passive style from a linguistic point of view. As such, use the third person forms of any verbs. Make sure you omit the pronouns like “he”, “she” and “it” that would normally accompany such verbs though.

If there’s one thing you remember from all of these tips and tricks of the trade, keep in mind all the various red flags that could pop up when employers read your resume. It’s vital that you know what not to include in a resume.

Golden Tips From Industry Experts

To write the best resume format 2019, you need to pay keen attention to what the industry experts have to say. After all, these are the people who do the hiring and firing for some of the world’s largest and most successful companies. Read through their top tips and let this vital information sink in before you sit down to write your updated resume. To get even more out of their wise words, you can follow the links provided to make certain you craft the best resume format 2019 expects.

rose keatingRose Keating has put together a list of 14 of the most useful resume writing tips as part of her article. The first thing she addresses is the long-contested issue of one-page versus two-page resumes. According to Keating, your resume should be one page if you have less than 5 years of experience and shoulder never exceed this if you’re in the consulting and investment banking sector.

Don GoodmanDon Goodman admits that resume writing isn’t everyone’s forte but says that there are certain steps that we can all take to improve our chances. He advises you to focus your attention on core skills and speak of job duties and results. A good thing is to also let another person take a look at your resume. View from the outside can help you out a great deal. His first port of call is the idea of thinking like your employer:

expert resume tips 2017

Marilyn BorysekMarilyn Borysek works at the career center for the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and has a few vital tips for prospective employees working in technical spheres. She suggests that you format your resume so that it does the hiring manager’s work for them. If you selectively use bold and italic typefaces, you will draw the reader’s attention to the most important points. Don’t overdo it, though. You can check out the rest of Marilyn’s top tips on the ASME website.

Jaime PetkanicsEveryone recognizes the importance of including results-driven statements on your resume but you can’t place numbers and statistics anywhere just for the sake of it. Besides, your results may not even be quantifiable. Jaime Petkanics of Prepary drives home the point that you can still demonstrate your vital role in previous events by explaining why you made such an impact. This goes back to the idea of using strong action words to show how you achieve your goals.

Amanda Augustine, a highly skilled resume expert from TopResume has plenty to say on the matter of writing a great resume that highlights your skills perfectly. Check out her video on the Business Insider website.

This Year’s Most Lucrative Jobs

Everyone needs money to live the kind of life they want to lead so make sure you’re aware of the best-paying jobs 2019 can offer in your chosen field. Some of these jobs are easy to predict whereas others are rather surprising.

Wages are stagnating in many Western economies so you’ll need to get the most out of your options by considering the best-paying jobs 2019 has available. Plenty of websites directed at helping students have done their research and predicted which jobs will pay the most this year. As you would expect, company chief executives have taken the top spot. While most people won’t get a chance at occupying this lofty position, there are many senior roles within companies that a great resume can help you to get.

You don’t just fall into high-income jobs; you have to show your prospective employer that you deserve to be in such a lucrative position. Follow all the expert advice in this article and you’ll have your pick of the best high-income jobs. Take a look at the list of high paying jobs 2019 below:

  1. Chief executives
  2. Aircraft pilots
  3. Medical practitioners
  4. Marketing directors
  5. IT and telecommunications directors

Hopefully, the above list of high paying jobs 2019 has inspired you to make all the necessary changes to your tired old resume. Give yourself a great shot at joining the ranks of the best paid careers by learning precisely how to write a proper resume.

The Most Popular Jobs

For obvious reasons, the best-paid careers are also some of the most in-demand jobs 2019 has to offer. No one would say no to extra money in their wage packet at the end of the month, after all.

It looks like the most in-demand jobs 2019 has available are those with the greatest scope for career advancement. Everyone has to start somewhere and even if you aren’t earning mega-bucks straight away, knowing that your career has such potential is very important. Check out the various careers in demand 2019.

  1. Account manager
  2. Software engineer
  3. Customer service representative
  4. Administrative assistant

In summary, it appears that all the high demand jobs 2019 can provide you with are those which offer great advancement opportunities. You’ll need to make sure your resume is perfect if you want to compete with all the other candidates vying for all the high demand jobs 2019 is handing out.

Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Social media is becoming increasingly important in our professional lives as well as our personal lives. One of the best ways to leverage this opportunity while maintaining a professional facade is to use a platform like LinkedIn. You can even use it as a means to display your achievements and skills to the wider world as well as individual employers. Follow the latest LinkedIn resume advice to make the most of this useful tool.

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It’s clear that LinkedIn is an increasingly vital tool for both jobseekers and hiring managers. When you can create a visual profile that simply pops with enthusiasm and professionalism, you’ll never rely solely on a written resume again. After all, a picture paints a thousand words.

You can use LinkedIn to add that extra detail you just can’t include in a normal length resume. While it shouldn’t function as a master copy of all of the various activities and jobs you’ve ever done, your profile can be used to talk about your proudest accomplishments that don’t fit neatly in the usual resume format. This will be particularly useful if a hiring manager likes the look of your resume and is keen to find out more about the real you. You can use LinkedIn as a means to out all your letters of recommendation in one place. If you know people who would be able to contribute to this section of your profile, you have nothing to lose by getting in touch and asking for a recommendation. There is even a special recommendation request feature to help you accomplish this.

Many of the people who make regular use of LinkedIn quickly gain an appreciation for a well-written resume as they get in touch with various people and see all the different ways of displaying professional achievements. LinkedIn resume advice is some of the soundest around and it’s not that hard to find the best LinkedIn resumes for your industry sector. The main thing is not to be afraid of connecting with various successful people; they might be looking for someone just like you to join their team. Here are a couple of the best LinkedIn resumes to get you started on your journey to success.

Marvin’s profile shows that he’s genuinely interested in his field of expertise and he lets you know that he has interests outside his professional life, making him likeable and authentic. Like you should aim to do when composing a traditional resume, Marvin also makes use of plenty of white space: his paragraphs are short and he is clearly well aware of how others might perceive his profile layout.

expert linkedin resume advice

On the flip side of the coin, Alexandra uses LinkedIn to advertise her workplace to potential employees. Her choice of words is particularly excellent and she demonstrates exactly how you can really use words to leverage your content. She uses specific words and phrases that have been crafted to have just the right effect. We could all learn a lot from on Alexandra and her methods are easily applicable to any resume writing exercise.

best linkedin resumes examples

You shouldn’t let anything get in the way of your success so make sure you don’t fall at the first hurdle by having a poor resume. Having read through this extensive and exhaustive article, you now have a great understanding of what kind of resume format 2019 requires from you. Exceed your prospective employer’s expectations when you employ all the advice above, and you’ll be sure to get the job you’ve always coveted.

Make the most of your job opportunities this year when you adopt the perfect resume format 2019!